The NHS Board is responsible for providing health care services to protect and improve the health of the individuals that live in the Scottish Borders and also plan services for the local population.

NHS Borders is one of the 14 regions of NHS Scotland, and provides healthcare services in the Scottish Borders area. The main hospital is Borders General Hospital, near Melrose. There are also small community hospitals in Hawick, Peebles, Kelso and Duns, as well as local health centres.

For more information about the NHS Board and their functions, click here: http://www.nhsborders.scot.nhs.uk/corporate-information/about-the-board/

Local Business Spotlight

Each month, we showcase an outstanding local business from the Scottish Borders. Visit www.scottishbordersliving.co.uk/contact-us to find out about putting your business in the spotlight.

Contact Details

Address: Borders General Hospital, Melrose, Roxburghshire, TD6 9BS

Telephone: 01896 826000

Fax: 01896 823476

Email: bordershb@borders.scot.nhs.uk

Introducing The NHS

Volunteering with the NHS

Volunteering with the NHS will allow you to meet new people, gain new skills, develop new interests and help to make a positive difference to patients, visitors and staff.

At the moment there are currently over 200 people volunteering with the NHS, with over 30 different volunteering roles.

If you are interested in volunteering with the NHS, then click here: http://www.nhsborders.scot.nhs.uk/get-involved/volunteering-interest-form/

General Placements

The general placements are used to allow individuals to see what life is like working in a hospital. This will involve visiting a number of departments, observing and getting an understanding of the type of work that the staff have to deal with.

Voluntary Helpers

These placements are more aimed at individuals who are applying to medical school. This will involve working with patients as you will be working as a voluntary helper on a ward.

Work Experience

These placements are more aimed at university/college students who are looking for a more long time placement.

If you are interested in doing work experience then please fill out the application form, by clicking the link: http://www.nhsborders.scot.nhs.uk/contact-us/work-experience-with-nhs-borders/work-experience-application-form/


There’s so much to do in the Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders is a beautifully diverse region with an appealing mix of local businesses, luxurious hotels, tourist attractions and so much more. Explore what’s on offer in the glorious Scottish Borders, there’s so much going on.